Simple and fast solution for tympanic membrane perforations

Tymcure’s unique medical device is intended to treat TMP by inserting a membrane through the ear canal and the perforation to the middle ear cavity, creating a scaffold for epithelial growth and closure of the perforation.

This procedure eliminates surgery and general anaesthesia, while providing identical or better results.

Tymcure’s device is designed to achieve stable and controlled grip by the surgeon.

Novel Membrane

Based on a bio-material, the membrane constitutes a natural scaffold of the growth of the tissue, showing mechanical strength while biodegrading in the suitable rate. The membrane is secure to the tympanic membrane, using a unique mechanism to enhance healing and ensure closure of the perforation.

TymCure’s solution’s advantages


< 20 Minutes

Topical Anesthesia

Ambulatory Procedure
Minimal recovery
Under lay grafting

Simple and easy to learn

No Incision

1 stage post operative care


>2.5 Hours

General Anesthesia

Hospitalisation of patient
Extended Recovery

Complex surgery

Surgical incision

Prolonged post operative care

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